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Haweswater Hiking



The best hiking in the Lakes, so take a Haweswater Packed Lunch and make a day of it

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Map 1:

(a) Hikes to the East including Old Corpse Road, Swindale Head, the 'Concrete Road' to Shap (which can also be cycled) and along the lanes and streams around Bampton

(b) Hike around Haweswater - simply a must, this walk takes in mountains, waterfalls, becks, peat bogs, the shoreline and the dam.  

Map 2: 

(a) Gatescarth Pass and beyond: most of the major walks and rides start here, very quickly you will be up in the mountains with superb views of the whole of the Lake District and beyond to Morecambe Bay and the Pennines.

(b) High Street: the old roman road of 'High Street' passes literally along the crest of this, the highest peak in the Eastern Lakes and takes in Blea Water, the deepest Tarn in the Lakes at over 200 feet.  Unforgettable at all times of the year.  

Help planning your route is available from staff on site.

If you would like to bring your own bikes, please feel free - we can offer overnight storage to the rear of the hotel.

Map Haweswater Area
Map Haweswater Area


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